08-19 -2023
What are the future development trends of household and commercial heating heat pumps?

From the large enterprises building bases and expanding production capacity, it is not difficult to see that the future development prospects of China's heat pump industry are promising.

08-10 -2023
2023 Heat Pump Industry Annual Conference: The next 10 years will be a golden period for the heat pump industry

The next 10 years will be a golden period for the heat pump industry.

07-15 -2023
Heat Pumps Make Their Debut at The 19th Asian Games Hangzhou 2022

In the supporting facilities of the Hangzhou Asian Games Village district, all water heaters use air source heat pump water heaters with a capacity of 200 liters.

07-11 -2023
Ground Source Heat Pumps: Realizing the Potential of Geothermal Resources

Countries are likely to increase the development and utilization of low- and medium-temperature geothermal resources, further promoting the use of ground source heat pumps.

06-25 -2023
Green Future: Heat Pumps Lead the Way in Environmentally Friendly Energy

Overall, heat pumps are considered as a key decarbonization solution for heating buildings, in line with the goals of the EU’s energy transition model.

06-21 -2023
Heat Pumps Boost Germany's Energy Transition

The reduction of carbon emissions in the construction industry has always been a blind spot in Germany's energy transition. Therefore, the German government wants to promote heat pumps as the largest heating system.

06-11 -2023
Heat pump sales hit a historic high in Europe

In recent years, heat pumps have become increasingly popular in Europe, with nearly 3 million heat pumps sold throughout Europe in 2022, an increase of nearly 40% compared to the previous year.

05-28 -2023
Exploring the Future: The Development Prospects of Heat Pumps in Hot Water Supply for University Dormitory Buildings

Let's explore the development prospects of heat pumps in hot water supply for university dormitory buildings.

04-20 -2023
The development prospects of the heat pump industry are broad

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12-03 -2022
International Energy Agency: Heat Pump Will Be the Central Technology of Global Energy

Heat pumps, powered by low‐emissions electricity, are the central technology in the global transition to secure and sustainable heating.

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