11-18 -2023
New DC inverter heat pump series products launched

Suoher Technology Department has developed a new series of DC inverter heat pumps and pushed them to the market

09-04 -2023
Office Building Central Air Conditioning - Ground Source Heat Pump

The central air conditioning system of the office building adopts ground source heat pump technology, which has the advantages of energy conservation, environmental protection, good stability, high economic benefits, and high space utilization rate.

08-31 -2023
A Solution for Commercial Air Conditioning in Gymnasiums - Air Source Heat Pump

As a solution for commercial air conditioning in sports venues, air source heat pumps have advantages such as high efficiency, environmental protection, and energy conservation.

08-28 -2023
How to choose air heating?

So how much air energy is suitable for your home to buy?

08-23 -2023
Hotel central air conditioning equipment - air source heat pump triple supply

Among numerous heating systems, air source heat pump triple supply has become a popular choice in the hotel industry.

08-15 -2023
Air energy heat pumps are gradually replacing traditional air conditioning and heating systems

In the HVAC industry, air energy heat pumps, as a rising star, have gradually replaced traditional cooling and heating water methods as a popular form of integrated cooling and heating water.

08-12 -2023
Air energy heat pump for hot water solution in breweries

using heat pumps to provide hot water in breweries is a feasible solution

08-07 -2023
What are the advantages of air energy heat pumps compared to gas wall mounted furnace heating?

Especially in the "coal to electricity" project, air energy heat pumps have played an important role and demonstrated excellent energy-saving and environmental performance.

07-25 -2023
The difference between side outlet and top outlet of air energy heat pumps

At present, there are two types of air outlets for air source heat pumps: side outlet and top outlet. What is the difference between them?

07-21 -2023
Ultra Low Temperature Air Source Heat Pump: An Energy Solution for Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development

Ultra low temperature air source heat pump, as an innovative energy technology, is widely regarded as an important tool for achieving sustainable development.

07-19 -2023
The Relationship Between the Water Outlet Temperature of Air Source Heat Pumps and Application Scenarios

Air source heat pumps can be applied in different scenarios under different conditions of water outlet temperature.

07-17 -2023
Swimming pool constant temperature heat pump

The swimming pool heat pump produced by Foshan Suohe Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. is easy to install, has high operating efficiency, uses environmentally friendly refrigerants, is sturdy and durable, has a long expected life, and automatically maintains the set temperature all day, making it your first choice for a better life.

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