EVI Heat Pump

The low temperature(EVI:Enhanced Vapor Injection) air source heat pump is specially designed for the cold region in the North part. The snowland series heat pump is equipped with international famous brand Copeland compressor, they can work at minimum -25°C for house heating and domestic hot water. Low temperature ASHP Super Wide working temp range: Heaing ambinet temp -25°C~21°C Cooling ambinet temp 21°C~43°C It gives you comfortable experience all year around no matter where you are. Super high water temperature: Outlet water temp. 65°C The hot water temp can get up to 50°C even in cold winter. Super high COP The COP can get to 3.8( based on the internal standards test condition ) The cooling efficiency EER can also get to 3.1 Split design, safe and reliable The unit is designed as split type. The outside unit is with compressor and evaporator etc., and the indoor unit is with water heat exchanger etc. in order to protec the water circuit from frosting in winter.

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