Ground Source Heat Pump

Ground Source Heat Pump Ground source covers four different heat sources such as rock, surface soil, ground water and lake.Several factors such as the energy need, the existing heating system and the topographic conditions etc. decide that which heat source is the most suitable for your house. Through any of the 4 heat sources, the heat pump system gathers the heat stored under the ground to heat water, providing house heating and domestic hot water. Install SUOHER heat pump for your house Triple Function Heating, cooling, hot water With SUOHER heat pump, all three functions can be realized. The house heating is realized via underfloor heating system or radiator; The house cooling is realized via fan coil or underfloor system. No affect on vision Because all the parts are buried under the ground, so you can see nothing trace of the heat pump from outside. Comfortable and reliable Antifreeze can be added in the ground source heat pump, with the mixed solution of the antifreeze and water, the heat energy of the heat pump can be continuously transferred to your house, so even in the very clod winter, there is no worry about the running of the ground source heat pump.

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