Air Source Heat Pump

Air Source Heat Pump How does the air source heat pump work? The heat from the sun is stored in the air year after year so that we can get a constant source of naturally renewed energy. This stored energy is ideal heat source for your daily domestic heating demand. The air source heat pump collects heat from the solar energy stored in the air. The heat is collected and carried by refrigerant and then converts it into high grade heat to be released to your house by underfloor heating system or radiator and into your domestic hot water tank. ● The solar energy stored in the nature can be brought up by a heat exchanger called evaporator. Here the refrigerant absorbs the solar energy and turns into very low temperature gas. ● The gas refrigerant is compressed and turns into very hot and high pressure gas, then the heat is transferred to the water-based heating system in the house by a condenser. ● Then the refrigerant reverts to low pressure liquid and is ready to collect new solar energy.

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