Vertical Air to Water Heat Pump (11kW)

  • Vertical Air to Water Heat Pump (11kW)
Vertical Air to Water Heat Pump (11kW)
  • China
  • 35 working days
  • 5000 units per month

-Vertical structure, the fan blows from the top of the product
-380V power supply

Vertical Air to Water Heat Pump (11kW)

Suitable for installation in flat places such as roofs, easy to manage.

Air to Water Heat Pump

ISO9001 certification

ISO 9001 is transformed from the world's first quality management system standard BS 5750 (written by BSI), ISO 9001 is by far the most mature quality framework in the world, and more than 750,000 organizations in 161 countries/regions are Use this framework. ISO 9001 sets the standard not only for the quality management system, but also for the overall management system. It helps organizations of all types achieve success through improved customer satisfaction, increased employee motivation, and continuous improvement.

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ERP certification

ERP certification is the European market energy efficiency certification.

EU regulations: All electrical and electronic products sold in Europe must meet the requirements of ERP energy efficiency testing or ERP certification (European energy consumption related product energy saving requirements)

Our main products such as DC inverter series have achieved the highest level of ERP, A+++ class.

A+++ means this product has the highest energy efficiency rating and the best energy savings when in use.

35 degrees represents floor heating conditions, while 55 degrees represents radiator conditions, that is, users can get higher energy efficiency under different operating conditions.

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Air to Water Heat Pump

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