Monoblock Economical DC Inverter Heat Pump (6kW)

SUOHER economical model uses high-quality Chinese brand parts, which are 20% - 30% cheaper than ordinary models, and is more economical and practical for family users.
-220V power supply

Monoblock DC Inverter Heat Pump (6kW-13kW)

-Small size, integrated design, suitable for family use
-Support cooling and heating
-220V power supply

Monoblock DC Inverter Heat Pump (15kW-18kW)

-Stronger heating/cooling capacity
-Suitable for families with more than 5 people or for commercial use
-Environmentally friendly refrigerant.

Monoblock DC Inverter Heat Pump (20kW-25kW)

-High power, support the use of large areas such as factories
-Attractive appearance compact unit, the installation of small size

Vertical Air to Water Heat Pump (110kW-140kW)

-The super heating capacity is suitable for users who need a large number of continuous heating. The SUOHER 140kW heat pump can meet most of the current needs.

Split EVI Heat Pump (8kW+220V/9kW+380V)

-The 8kW model corresponds to 220V power supply, and the 9kW model corresponds to 380V power supply. Please choose according to the actual situation.
-Suitable for large living room or other large rooms.

High Temperature Swimming Pool Heat Pump

SUOHER high temperature swimming pool heat pump can heat water to a higher temperature than ordinary models, which can meet some industrial/commercial customers who need high temperature hot water.

Swimming Pool Heat Pump (68kW-105kW)

-SUOHER high-power swimming pool heat pump is designed for large swimming pool.
-380V power supply

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